2 March 2012

Can't stop looking at . . .

Each week, I'll be sharing with you something that has caught my eye. It may be a picture, blog, product or website.

I don't know if it's due to the lovely Spring-like weather we've had recently (it's been such a joy to hang washing out on the line again!), but this week I've found myself being rather drawn to nautical style fabric, especially those featuring birds. Isn't this wonderful fabric by Vanessa Arbuthnott pretty!

Image from here.

Also, what you can't see from this photograph is that the background of the fabric has tiny white dots all over it - you can see what I mean in the picture below:

Image from here.

 I also stumbled upon this similar fabric by Clarke and Clarke which is about a third of the price:

Image from here.

I'd love to use one of these fabrics to make a Roman blind for our bathroom window - I think it would really add some much needed warmth to the room. What do you think?


nohalito said...

What a nice fabric! Swallows on fabrics are great. I like the idea for the bathroom window :)

beautiful square feet said...

Thanks - I think I'll definitely put some sort of blind up in there soon.

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