1 March 2012

Beautiful square feet of the month!

This month I want to share with you, pictures of this beautiful Georgian cottage. I love the fact that it is true to its period on the outside and then has been presented in a contemporary style on the inside. The owners have created a cosy house full of eclectic pieces, producing a relaxed yet stylish home.

I love the mixture of textures in the living room - the way the leather of the armchair sits so well beside the ticking on the sofa, the wooden floorboards and the wool of the rug on the floor. I also really like the contrast between the floral cushions and the stripes on the sofa fabric.

In the kitchen, the vintage AGA looks great with the more modern painted floor, and I really like the glass jars and bottles on the shelf above the stove - useful and pretty storage.

The mix of old and new continues in the dining room where old mis-matched chairs sit under a newer painted table. The large mirrors are a great way of adding light and interest to the room - I especially like the relaxed way that the bigger mirror is leaning against the wall.

I think the bedroom is my favourite room in the house - it may have something to do with the calm grey colour in which it has been painted. I also really like the contrasting muted colours in this room - the chrome of the bedside lamp goes so well with the wood of the bed as well as the cushions.

All images from here.

I seem to be drawn to calm interiors at the moment - hmm, wonder why that might be!

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