My to do lists

One of the reasons I began this blog was to organise my thoughts about my own house, and gather inspiration for redecorating it. I'm forever beginning to do lists in notebooks, and thought having them on my blog, rather than in notebooks that are difficult to add to, would encourage me to look at the lists more, and to actually cross things off them! So, I've decided to include my to do lists here, in a section of their own, and I will be crossing off items as I manage to do them.

Living room:
  • clean spots of plaster off ceiling
  • paint ceiling in white emulsion
  • fill cracks in cornice, and sand smooth
  • paint cornice in white satin gloss
  • fill hole in wallpaper next to chimney breast
  • fill any other cracks in walls
  • re-stick plastic electricity casing to wall in alcove
  • paint walls in Gooseberry Fool 5 by Dulux
  • paint chimney breast in Overtly Olive by Dulux
  • paint pipes in Gooseberry Fool 5 satin gloss
  • fill any imperfections in skirting board
  • paint skirting boards - unsure what colour - either white or off white
  • EDIT - have decided all woodwork will be white
  • paint alcove cupboards in same colour as skirting boards
  • EDIT - now only have 1 cupboard
  • choose and buy fabric for curtains (possibly cream with leaf motif from Dunelm Mill)
  • ask mum to make curtains
  • EDIT - she said yes!
  • hang curtains
  • choose new lamp shade for lamp above TV
  • decide which pictures to display, and hang on wall
  • tidy up fireplace - try and decide on a solution
  • clean carpet thoroughly
  • put up Napoli canvas on wall
  • put up Vogue picture on wall
  • fix shelf above gas meter cupboard to wall more securely
  • fix blind to wall (it's currently wedged in and it frustrates me SO much!)
Dining room:
  • paint ceiling in white emulsion
  • fill gaps around door and cupboard
  • buy and fit new grill to cover hole in wall on chimney breast (where we got the baby seagull out)
  • attach telephone wire to wall neatly around back door
  • get rid of cocktail cabinet
  • EDIT - this is now living in David's brother's house, so it's still in the family!
  • build cupboard in alcove where cocktail cabinet currently is
  • EDIT - hopefully David's brother is going to do this for us next weekend!
  • paint walls in Gooseberry Fool 5 by Dulux
  • paint chimney breast and wall under stairs in Overtly Olive by Dulux
  • paint pipes in Gooseberry Fool 5 and secure to wall
  • paint skirting and other woodwork (including radiator cabinet) white
  • change curtains (will be same as living room)
  • put up top book shelf and put books back on shelf
  • sort out Torin's toy storage in space next to sofa under stairs
  • remove hinge from doorway and fill hole
  • investigate fabric stairgates to go in doorway for new baby
  • persuade David to get rid of IKEA standard lamp (it's not even plugged in!)
  • EDIT - there was no persuading - he is now going to have it as his bedside lamp. Not sure how long that'll last - that thing gets pretty hot! 
  • EDIT - this has now found its way back downstairs and is at least now plugged in. David's using it as task lighting as he enjoys painting Warhammer miniatures
  • EDIT - since I bought him the new lamp for his birthday, the IKEA lamp is now back in it's original position beside our desk as we can't decide what to do with it - I really just want to put it on Freecycle!
  • EDIT - David's brother has taken the lamp!
  • fill any cracks in walls (including gap around window)
  • paint walls cream (must move fridge out of the way this time!)
  • paint woodwork white
  • re-grout tiles in front of cupboards
  • sort out cupboards and take anything that isn't needed to charity shop
  • replace grill in radiator cabinet and paint white
  • fit beech veneer to side of wall cupboards around cooker hood
  • buy this shelf to fit on wall under wall cupboards
  • fit shelves above doorways for cat food and cleaning products
  • paint walls in same colour as bathroom
  • EDIT - I've decided I'm going to paint it in Overtly Olive as we have some left over
  • put up picture on wall underneath clock
  • paint bathroom door and kitchen door white
  • get someone to fix door handle on back door
  • sand and fill cracks in ceiling (thanks Mum!) and walls
  • paint ceiling white
  • paint walls in a darker shade of grey
  • paint woodwork and radiator
  • find cabinet like this to hang on wall
  • re-grout tiles
Hallway and Landing:
  • thoroughly clean tiles
  • EDIT - have now decided to change tiles so they match the kitchen and bathroom
  • get a tiler to lay new tiles in hallway
  • fix beading around edge of floor
  • EDIT - not needed as tiler did such a good job
  • paint ceiling and entrance to attic white on landing
  • choose new ballustrades and spindles and get carpenter to change existing one
  • choose new carpet and get it fitted
  • put up wallpaper on wall outside our bedroom and to the left of the back bedroom
  • paint walls in a darker colour in Endurance paint (taken from wallpaper)
  • put up picture of Torin (leave space for others)
  • put up hook for Torin's coat so he can reach
  • replace glass in back room door with wooden panel
  • paint our bedroom door
  • fix blinds to wall (again, wedged!)
  • re-paint cupboard doors
  • create some art for wall under clock with colour
  • EDIT - change of plan here, as we now have a tall bookcase in our room where the clock was
  • fix pictures and ceramic butterflies to wall
  • paint skirting board and coving
  • put up heart hooks for my necklaces
  • change curtain poles and finials? (not essential)
  • possibly change curtains to blinds
  • re-paint wall next to cot, and chimney breast
  • clean off scratches on curtain pole (we've got metal eyelets on a painted wooden pole)
  • change curtains
  • get chest of drawers from my parents' house (they're storing it for us) and paint it
  • move in a bookshelf from back room and paint it (will be used as a wardrobe by attaching a panel of fabric to the front as a curtain)
  • choose fabric for curtain panel on bookshelf
  • make and hang curtain for bookshelf
Torin's new room (back room):
  • strip wallpaper and make walls good
  • build new cupboard for combi-boiler
  • paint ceiling white
  • paint walls (colour as yet undecided)
  • paint woodwork
  • replace glass in door with wooden panels and paint
  • extend chimney breast wall in order to create recessed shelving above bed
  • buy and put up curtain pole
  • shorten the curtains from his current room and hang them
  • buy, paint and fix radiator cabinet to wall
  • paint shed
  • put up PVC fabric in shed window
  • elongate path edging up to patio
  • put down grass seed on new patch of earth
  • put down gravel over existing path to even it out
  • neaten everything up
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