12 December 2011

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree . . .

We put our Christmas tree up this weekend, and I'm rather pleased with it! It's only tiny (3ft), and it's not real, but it's a Christmas tree all the same. 

Torin helped me decorate it, and he was squealing with excitement as we got all of the baubles out of their storage bags. He did get a little carried away with the beads (which were decorations left over from our wedding), and kept trying to throw them onto the tree, so he was then given the job of hanging the baubles on the back!

One day we'll have a big living room with a big tree, and it'll be real (sigh), but for now, our little one will suffice.

6 December 2011

All wrapped up . . .

In an attempt to get a bit organised for Christmas this year, I wrapped the gifts shown in the picture below and took the picture a couple of weeks ago. Knowing that Astrid was going to turn up at any minute, I thought it would be a good idea if I didn't leave all of my Christmas shopping until after she was born!

Having said this, and despite all of my best intentions, I still have quite a few gifts to decide upon and buy!

Anyway, I really just wanted to share with you this picture of how I've wrapped my gifts this year. I bought the pale blue wrapping paper from IKEA - I tend to look there first every year as it is so reasonably priced, and they tend to produce at least some gift wrap that isn't shiny and gaudy. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with shiny gift wrap, but I think you can probably imagine what I'm seeing in my head!

I already had the red curling ribbon and the red shiny card (see, there's nothing wrong with shiny!) and the picture on the tag was made from part of an old Christmas card that I cut up last year and stored for this year.

I really like gifts to be wrapped quite simply, and I'm pleased with the Scandi feel that I've ended up with here! What do you think - do you like what I've done? Do you stick to a particular colourscheme at Christmas? What are you planning for this year?
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