1 November 2011

A cosy landing at last!

The new carpet was fitted on the stairs and landing on Saturday and since then we've all spent a good while going up and down the stairs bare-footed - it feels so soft underfoot and it's made the stairs so quiet! I felt so much more relaxed after putting Torin to bed tonight - this week has been the first time since spring last year, that our stairs haven't creaked loudly when I've been trying to creep down them after settling him. David and I love the new carpet, and Torin keeps saying "New stairs!" to anyone who comes to our door - including the postman and trick or treaters last night!

Now the tiles have been changed in the hallway, there is a new carpet on the stairs and landing, and the bannisters have been replaced and painted, the centre of our home really feels so much cosier! Even though the walls and woodwork need re-painting, I no longer feel like I need to apologise for the state of the area when people come round!

Here are some pics of the hallway, stairs and landing since the carpet has been laid - hope you like it as much as we do!

This is now what you see when you come in through our front door - you can see that we really need to re-decorate, but it's such an improvement on what we had before!

This is taken from Torin's bedroom doorway - you can see here and here what it looked like before. SO much better now! Don't the bannisters look great painted (thanks mum)!

This is the landing taken from our bedroom doorway - you can just about see the rib in the carpet from this picture - I really like the texture of this carpet. We really must replace the glass in the door of the spare room - at the moment we've got fabric hanging over it to disguise the horrible opaque panel, but we need to make it safer for Torin as this will become his room soon.

From here you can get a bit of an impression of how the whole space works together - the new tiles in the hallway, the new wooden and painted bannisters, and the carpet on the landing. So glad it's finally been sorted out!
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