3 November 2011

Can we build it? Yes we can!

A while ago my grandmother visited our house and after spending a while in our garden, as she's a keen gardener, she asked us if we'd like something a bit nicer to replace the plastic greenhouses we had outside our back door. My answer was obviously "Yes please!" but knowing that wooden framed greenhouses were expensive, I dismissed the idea as it wasn't really a priority. Anyway, my grandma got on the case and last week we received delivery of a small, wooden framed greenhouse that will fit perfectly against the wall outside our kitchen.

A couple of days ago, with Torin's help, David put it together, and it is now temporarily sitting against the wall of our bathroom. When he knew Daddy was going to be using a hammer and screwdriver, Torin wanted to wear his Bob the Builder construction hat, and used his own plastic tools to help out!

I'm now waiting for it to stop raining so much so I can actually go outside and move it (don't worry - with David's help), into the correct position against the opposite wall. Torin and I emptied the old plastic greenhouse and have stacked the pots that were being stored in there - I just want them to dry out a bit before I put them into the new greenhouse. I'll post some pictures as soon as it's in place and we've been able to put the pots back into it.

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