7 November 2011

Neat and tidy garden pots.

Today it finally stopped raining for long enough for me to get outside (briefly!) and take a photo of the greenhouse Torin and David put together the other day.

I didn't manage to take a true "before" picture, but you can see in the background of this picture, the plastic greenhouse that this wooden framed one has replaced.

At the moment, there are no plants in the new greenhouse, only empty pots and some of Torin's outdoor toys and garden tools. I'm sure this will change in the Spring though, as we're planning on trying to grow some of our own vegetables next year. We've done this before and really enjoyed the process - especially eating the fruits of our labour, but for some reason it didn't really happen this year. Now we've got a lovely new greenhouse to 'bring on' seedlings, I'm sure we'll manage to grow something, even if it's just a bit of rocket!

For now, the frame is made from treated fir tree wood, but I think I'll paint it in the Spring at the same time as I paint the shed - have a peek here if you want to see the colour I'm thinking of using.

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