13 September 2011

Paint for the shed.

I know I said that I'd post some pictures of my recent feats in painting, but I've left it too late today and now the light's gone. It'd be a bit pointless if I tried to show you what the rooms look like in artificial light, so I'll wait until tomorrow if that's ok with you?

What I can show you though, is the paint that I've decided to use on our shed. This is how our shed currently looks:

And, the colour I'm going to paint it is Coastal Mist from the Cuprinol Shades collection:

Image from here (sorry about the fuzziness of the picture, but you get the idea).

I really like the sagey greens too, but we don't currently have much colour in our garden (other than green), so I think the blue would work well. What do you think of the colour?

Do you have a shed? If so, have you painted it?


David said...

Yes the shed looks like that, but what about the pre-smashed up greenhouse base in that photo? I know it was raining all day today, but you're really letting your standards slip with the old photo business ;-)

beautiful square feet said...

Exactly! It was chucking it down! I have to acknowledge that yes, it does look a little different now - you did a good job :-) - will save an updated picture for when the shed is painted and new turf is laid where that concrete was though!

David said...

Somehow I knew it would end up with me doing more work!

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