12 September 2011

Out with the old (and unsafe) . . .

I had quite a productive weekend  - what about you? I managed to get all of the emulsion in the living room and dining room finished - remember the last bit was taking ages because it involved taking 5 shelves and loads of books off the wall first? Anyway, I can now tick that off my to-do list (will post some pictures tomorrow) and this weekend I'll hopefully be able to tackle the woodwork.

Another item on that list is to get a carpenter to change the bannister on our landing. I'm currently in the process of getting quotes for this job (which is why I've been taking photos of it), so hopefully it'll be done before too long. The reason we need to change what we have is because it looks like this:

This is the view down the landing, standing in Torin's doorway and looking at the spare / junk room which is going to become Torin's room soon.

From the little landing outside the spare room, looking up into our bedroom. 

At the top of the stairs, looking down into the hall and across into our bedroom.

Who on earth thought that this was a suitable handrail for a staircase? It has to go - it looks awful, and it's so wobbly. Plus. Torin could quite easily fit between the swirls at the bottom if he wanted - scary!

It's not going to be a cheap job, but honestly, it'll be worth it for peace of mind. We're going to change it for just a normal painted wooden one with newel posts and spindles - probably something like this (but painted) so I also think it'll look so so much better too! What do you think?

Image from here.


David said...

That's not a junk room - it's my office!

beautiful square feet said...

I am truly amazed that you manage to get anything done in there!

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Ha, ha, that comment from David is hilarious! The new handrail will really change the hallway. I saw quite a cool picture in Living etc where each one was painted a different colour which sounds weird but it looked great!

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