5 September 2011

A few little bed additions.

We spent the bank holiday weekend in Kent having a really lovely time seeing family and friends. Silly weather though - on the Sunday we got totally drenched while trying to have a picnic in a park, and managed to spend the whole of the following day sitting on a beach in glorious sunshine. 

As usual, my mum couldn't resist spoiling Torin (and me) and bought us a new duvet cover for Torin's bed. I mentioned here that I hadn't found a duvet cover that I liked and that was reasonably priced, but we managed to find this one in BHS of all places.

I really like the classic look of the pale blue ticking, and he won't outgrow it for a while either. He still absolutely loves his bed - it makes getting him to sleep a lot easier! Since he's been sleeping in it, he has fallen out a couple of times, so I decided it would be a good idea to get a bed guard, as I don't want him to get into the habit of waking in the night again!

I decided on this painted white one by Baby Dan, as it is easily usable with a slatted bed base (I found that a lot were only really suitable for divans). 

I like the fact that I can remove it easily during the day and then slot it back into place once Torin is asleep.

You may have noticed that I've moved his bed around - it used to be along the window wall. I moved it because after I'd dismantled his cot (which you can just see under his bed), his room had a spare alcove, so I moved his wardrobe into it. The bed then looked better around this way, and it's a bonus that he's now no longer sleeping against an outside wall.

What do you think? Any sources for lovely bedding that's not too childish?

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