22 August 2011

And so to bed . . .

Well . . . he's in bed, people. 

Torin's mattress was delivered today - apologies if you follow me on Twitter - I've just read that I said the mattress would be here on Wednesday (baby brain again?).

Here's what his bed looks like complete with mattress and duvet:

I have to apologise now for the duvet cover - very 90s, I know. It was in fact mine when I was about 14! I haven't found a reasonably priced one that I like for Torin's room yet (look out HomeSense here I come!), so in the meantime we're making do with this one. I'm sure Torin won't mind!

Anyway, his mattress was delivered this afternoon and he was actually screaming with excitement when David took it upstairs and they ripped the plastic off it together. He then spent a good few minutes bouncing on the bed on his knees, head-butting the mattress. I did think that this was perhaps a good sign - he obviously liked his new bed and would therefore perhaps want to sleep in it. Another part of me thought uh-oh, he sees this new bed as a play thing - will he just want to bounce on it when it comes to bed time?

What actually happened when it came to it, was that he sat on the changing mat while I was getting him ready for bed and kept pointing at the bed saying, "Bed! Bed!" I then put him in it, gave him his teddy and his dummy, and he settled down. I did lie down with him until he fell asleep and I'm very pleased to say that getting myself off his bed was a lot easier than getting me, Torin and teddy off our bed and into his room, which is what has happened until now. Obviously, being seven months pregnant, was making that very difficult!

Who knows how long he'll stay in his bed tonight? We're very prepared to have to go up several times this evening as I guess he may fall out a few times and I fully expect to be woken in the middle of the night by my child standing next to my face (hopefully this won't make me jump too much!). At least though for now, he's sound asleep and looking very cute in his big boy bed.

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