23 August 2011

The final big push . . .

I'm nearly there - over the last few months (!) I've been gradually getting my living room and dining room painted. Now I've only got one wall left to go, but it's this one:

I've left this wall until last deliberately, as it's just going to take ages to move everything out of the way so I can actually start painting. As you can see, I still haven't fixed the top alcove shelf on the right of the picture, but I figured I might as well leave it until I've actually painted that part of the wall.

The cocktail cabinet to the left of the picture will need to be emptied and moved before I can tackle that area. This is going to be quite a job in itself as although there's not much alcohol in it at the moment, it is full of glasses. We're currently selling the books on top of the cabinet on Ebay, so they're hopefully only temporarily there, but the books on the shelves are going to take ages to take down and put back up.

Perhaps if I stopped rambling about how long it's going to take, and actually got on with it, the room would be finished!

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