24 August 2011

Share your space with IKEA

IKEA is encouraging us to share our spaces. I saw this new feature from IKEA on Making it Lovely yesterday and thought it was a great idea. 

The purpose of the new site called Share Space, is for people to post photos from their houses that show how products from IKEA fit into their homes. I love having a nosey around other people's homes, so this aspect of their website is perfect for me.

Image from here.

Once I've finished writing this post, I'll be posting some of my own pictures onto Share Space, so why not take a look to see what I've put up on there. 


Unknown said...

Got my new catalogue today - so bedtime reading is sorted!

beautiful square feet said...

I went yesterday and there were signs up saying it was going to be in stores mid-Sept. Hopefully I'll have one delivered to our door before then. What was it like?

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