6 September 2011

Napoli is stuck fast.

I've managed to knock another item off my living room to-do list - I've finally managed to get around to fixing my Napoli canvas to the wall above the console table.

The canvas was a birthday present from our lovely friends Andy and Anna last year and it has been resting on the console table ever since. This is mainly due to the fact that I knew that I was going to be decorating the room before too long, and also the fact that there's a blooming great steel girder running down the centre of that part of the wall - not very convenient for drilling holes to hang pictures!

Anyway, the picture is now up, and I'm very pleased with how it looks, and how well it has stuck to the wall. In the end I used sticky pads from Sellotape to fix it to the wall - they're meant to be removable, but we'll see!

The only slight thing is that I think I may have put the picture up a little too high. It's at the kind of height it would be if it was hanging from a picture rail, but I think in order for it to look really good with the things on the console table, it needs to hang a little lower - I think the bottom of it should hang lower than the top of the red vase - what do you think?

Rather than try to move the picture and risk ripping the lining paper on the wall (that I have recently painted remember), I think that I'll just put up a smaller picture in the space underneath the canvas. This should balance the area a little better I think.

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