31 May 2011

What I'm not.

I was really excited when I picked up my new copy of Ideal Home from our mat the other day and tore it open - I love having that first flick through, having glimpses of fabulous room sets and glimpses of readers' homes. I have to say though, I was a little disappointed this month; although, this is nothing to to do with the quality of the edition, or the products and homes that are featured. It's me. This month was called "The Country Issue", and after a flick through of a little greater depth, I've realised that I'm just not really into that kind of thing anymore.

There was a time, as I said here, when I would have loved to have furnished my house in classic Laura Ashley, and I also went through a French country phase (that's how we ended up with our bed, which I still like btw). My taste has definitely changed though.

That said, there are some pieces in the homes in the magazine that catch my eye, and that I do like, such as these rustic tin stars from www.notonthehightstreet.com:

Image from here.

Or this sweet hanging heart from Live Laugh Love, which is quite similar to the one that hangs on the end of our bed:

Image from here.

I guess that country style is just like any other for me - I like it if I can take aspects of it and put it with other things like modern furniture and plain walls, but chintz on chintz on chintz is a bit too much for me these days. 

The pictures below are examples of country overload for me. The rooms have been finished beautifully, just not to my taste.

Last three images from here.

I hope if you love the rooms above, that I haven't offended you - I think this post is more about me exploring what I like and how that has changed over recent years. Taste is a strange thing don't you think? I know some people have houses that are almost museums to certain periods or styles, but do you think it is possible to really only like things that conform to one single style, or do most of us pick and choose from lots of different looks? I'd love to know how you define your taste!

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