2 June 2011

Birds nest in blue.

I've had to buy several birthday cards this week and unusually for me, I've actually bought two of one card to send to two different friends. I always try (if I don't have time to make a card) to choose cards that are "perfect" for that person, so sending someone a card that I have also sent someone else felt a bit odd. 

It happened that way this time though because I discovered a range of cards from Jane Ormes - they're lovely! 

This is the card I bought two of, called "Birds nest in blue":

I hope the people I bought it for like it as much as I do!

Below are some of Ormes' prints that have caught my eye, I really like their witty titles!

"British bird unaware he'd flown to Australia":

"Bird praying for an open top":

"Tattooed birds, they'll regret it later":

Print images from here.

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