10 September 2012

New beginnings.

It was a big day for Torin (and me!) on Friday, as it was his first day at nursery school. He'll be going every morning and so this will be his first full week. As you know, he's been at home with me since he was born so taking this first big step of independence is quite a big deal around here. I have to admit I did feel a little bit wobbly while I was walking home after leaving him at the nursery on Friday.

He was so excited on Friday morning - he couldn't wait to get into his uniform and put on his backpack. In fact, I think he was walking around the house with his backpack on his shoulders for a good half and hour before we actually left!

I wanted to take some photos of him in his uniform on his first day, and I thought the shed would provide a good background - the morning light was lovely and clear too.

I keep looking at him in his uniform and thinking he looks so grown up and yet so tiny at the same time!


Unknown said...

Torin looks adorable, and so grown up in his uniform!

beautiful square feet said...

Thanks Anna. He's had a great week but is absolutely beyond tired now!

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