5 September 2012

What Martin did . . .

While my mum pottered in our garden, my dad set to work fixing things in the house. If having my mum in our garden is like fairies doing their thing, having my dad in the house is a little like the Elves and the Shoemaker - I find if I've left out the raw materials (not that I do this on purpose of course), things get magically fixed, tightened, and screwed to the wall!

One of the many jobs my dad over the weekend was put up my souvenir from our stay on the Isle of Wight. I saw this print in a lovely interiors/gift shop in the village where we were staying, but every time I went back to the shop it was closed. On our last day, my dad went for a little walk and surprised me when he returned with this picture wrapped in bubble wrap under his arm.

I thought it would look good in our living room next to the heart shaped light and red vases.

I also like the fact that it catches my eye each time I walk into our living room. If your eyesight is as good as mine (!) it reads:

I love Seaview Isle of Wight in the summertime

I love the fact that I have a permanent reminder of my thirtieth birthday celebrations (in addition to all the other wonderful gifts I was given) and that it's also funny, as one of my abiding memories of Seaview is that it rained every single day we were there, so "summertime" is perhaps a little optimistic!

Thanks Dad - I'm very lucky that you have such brute strength for all the wonky walls in my house, and that you have such a kind heart that you want to fix all my broken things xx 

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Unknown said...

Dads are excellent for those things, mine recently fixed our hot water system.

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