28 August 2012

Confetti Garden

Are any of you familiar with Nicole Hill's Confetti Garden? I stumbled upon it a while ago - I think I was flicking through blogs that had been nominated on Apartment Therapy's Homies list. You may have noticed it features on my Blogroll - well, that's because it's beautiful.

Described by Nicole as, "A sprinkling of daily gratitudes, sounds and visuals", it certainly holds my attention! Mainly a photo blog, Confetti Garden brings together some of the prettiest pictures I've seen since I started blogging.

Here are a few of my favourite images:

I really like the contrast of the raspberry against the dark grey.

 Zingy colours against an all-white background = impact!

Muted tones, vintage items and nature brought indoors make for a cosy bedroom here.

How many weeks until Christmas again? Seriously though, I really like the different types of light in this image.

All images found here (original references can be found there too).

While there's a notably consistent French theme to this blog, the featured pictures include a variety of subject matter: food, fashion, landmarks, wonderful rooms, musical clips and inspiring quotes.

Careful if you decide to browse through the archive - you may be gone for a while!

1 comment:

nicole said...

dear sweet Rebecca,

what a delightful surprise to stumble upon this blog post featuring my Confetti Garden! you have made my day/night/week. thank you oh-so-very much from my heart. your blog is fantastical! oxo Nicole

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