30 August 2012

30 Things I Love: 3

Picasso print.

The third thing from my home that I'd like to share with you is our print of Picasso's Retrato de Paulo con gorro blanco (1923) that sits on the shelf above our television.

Several years ago, David, my family and I went on holiday to SalobreƱa in Spain - close to Malaga, Picasso's birthplace. We decided to visit the pretty, old part of the town and while we were there, we took in the Pablo Picasso Museum, and toured around Casa Natal - the actual house in which Picasso was born.

We bought this print as a reminder of our stay in Spain, and because we liked the colours in the picture.   Once home, I put it into an IKEA frame and displayed it on this shelf. 

What's funny, is that the boy in the picture has more than a passing resemblance to David when he was little. And, as a result, the boy also looks similar to Torin. So much so in fact, that someone (I forget who now though), actually asked us if the picture was of Torin!

How amazing would it be if someone did a sketch of your child and the artist turned out to be Picasso - you'd never have to work again!

What's your favourite holiday souvenir?

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