10 April 2012

A transformation in the garden.

In one of the breaks in the rain today I managed to get outside and take a few quick snaps of the work that we did in the garden over the Easter weekend. My parents were visiting and with Torin's help, transformed the end of my garden!

This is what it looked like for ages:

And this is what they managed to do! I'm so grateful for all their hard work and I'm sure you'll agree, it looks really lovely now.

We had done some work in the interim - like smashing up that concrete slab and planting the apple trees to the left of the picture, but the work that my parents did this weekend has made such a difference! 

That stack of bricks to the right of the shed all came out of the earth underneath the concrete slab. I kept trying to push the spade into the earth and each time hit something solid - I must have pulled about thirty original Victorian bricks out of the ground - the ones with loads of holes in them - think I'll put them on Freecycle in case anyone wants them. I'm going keep a couple back though to turn into outdoor candle holders - can't find a picture of this anywhere, but you basically just put think candles in the holes and it looks really effective - I'll post a picture when I've tried it.


Unknown said...

We have also been working in our garden, I love that you have planted an apple tree. What a transformation it looks so pretty!

David said...

I grew those trees from the pips of an apple I ate a couple of years ago - letting them grow completely naturally.

beautiful square feet said...

Thanks Anna! Hope you've had good weather too!

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