16 April 2012

New garden table.

You may have noticed that in the picture of the bottom of the garden that I showed you here, there are three chairs but no table. That's because after about six years of living outside, ours was totally kaput and it was time for a new one. After looking around several places and struggling to work out why it was almost the same price to buy just a new table in some places as it was to buy a table and four chairs in others, I ventured to the Swedish place once again.

Here's my lovely new MÄLARÖ table in place at the end of the garden. Torin helped me to put it together yesterday and we even saw some sun while we were working on it (although it was definitely not warm enough to sit around it when we had finished)!

I really like the contrast between the white painted finish of the table with its metal legs, and the weathered (ahem!) finish of the wooden chairs. Just got to paint that shed this summer and plant a few more plants and then this area will be finished. Can't wait for the warm weather - it'll be lovely to sit out here on balmy summer evenings.

In other news, Astrid rolled over for the first time on Friday! Here's a picture of her lying on her back after completing her gymnastics.

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