1 February 2012

Phil Spencer, the perfect breastfeeding support.

I don't know if any of you have ever breastfed a baby, but those of you who have will certainly know that once they're plugged in (to coin David's phrase for it!), you can't really do much for a good half hour (give or take depending on the baby). I remember when I was feeding Torin, I watched an inordinate amount of daytime TV, simply because I couldn't really do much else. When it comes to feeding Astrid, I also have to try and keep Torin occupied, so these days the daytime TV has pretty much been replaced with CBeebies. 

I have to admit though, that for her evening feeds after the little man is in bed and David is either cooking my dinner (I know, I'm lucky!) or painting miniatures, I've been taking guilty pleasure in watching "Phil Spencer: Secret Agent" on More4. For the last few weeks, the show has been on daily, and it's perfect grazing material. I record it when it goes out, and then I'm able to dip in and out of it when I'm feeding Astrid.

Image from here.

The show's pretty good - it's a mix of snooping around properties with the hope of finding a buyer's "dream" home (as in Location Location Location), combined with a home makeover show. Phil Spencer wants to get the market moving again, so he's "on a mission" to shift houses that aren't selling by making them over and acting as an estate agent showing people around houses in a certain area.

I've just watched half an episode where Phil tries to help  a couple sell their family home in Harrogate - he's just told them they need to drop the price by £50k. Astrid is now happily sleeping in her bouncer, so I'm grabbing a little time to write this - I'll have to catch up with the programme and find out what happens tomorrow night!

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