31 January 2012

The Victorians knew how to tile a hall.

I went round to my friend's house today - she lives in one of the large Victorian terraced houses in the Victoria Park area of Cardiff. It was the first time I'd been to her house and before I got there I'd wondered if I'd be able to get the buggy in easily. I needn't have worried, because as I went through the front door, I could see that she had a wonderfully big entrance hall which was completed by a beautiful original Victorian tiled floor similar to this one:

Image from here.

Jealous or what - I would love to have original tiles in our hallway!

We decided to go for these plain tiles when we changed the ones in our entrance hall - mainly because they were really reasonably priced. I also generally think that if you can't find (or afford!) original features to go in a period home, then going quite modern works pretty well.

I love this hallway too:

Image from here.

And this one!

Image from here.

What do you have in your entrance hall? Are you lucky enough to have original flooring - I'd love to see a picture!
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