26 January 2012

Make do and mend: personalised baby card.

Heard today that my really good friend and her baby have finally been allowed to come home, after a week in hospital - baby Jasmine was four weeks early! 

We'll hopefully see them before the weekend is over, so I made her a personalised card to welcome her into the world (her full name is Jasmine Ann Bartlett).

Do you like it?

It was really simple to make - I used:
  • plain cream card stock
  • various different patterned papers
  • a craft knife
  • a butterfly hole punch
  • glue pen
  • glue stick

I started by choosing a font that I liked the look of on the computer. I then copied the initials onto the front of the card freehand.

Using a craft knife, I cut out the letters, making sure I kept the inside of the A and B to stick back on afterwards.

I then used the butterfly hole punch to stamp out the butterfly shape in the bottom right hand corner and stuck some pink shiny card behind it using a glue pen.

Next, I chose three different patterned papers and stuck these behind the letters so each one had a different pattern behind it.

Lastly (and I apologise for not showing a picture of this), I cut out a square of paper and stuck it on the inside of the card to cover up the individual pieces of paper that were stuck on behind the letters. This made sure the inside of the card looked neat.

Can't wait to meet little Jasmine, although she's going to make Astrid look huge - Jasmine was only 3lb 12oz when she was born and Astrid weighed 11lb 6oz last week!

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