25 January 2012

Beautiful square feet of the month!

I've decided that as my own square footage is still some way from being beautiful, I'm going to share with you more pictures of inspiring homes in a feature I'm calling "Beautiful square feet of the month!"

So, in the first post of this kind, here are some lovely pictures of a retro 60s family home. The house is spread over five floors and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

I really like the mix of old (the Ercol tables) and older (the armchair) in this picture. The pop of colour provided by the footstool and the cushion really stand out against the neutral background, but also highlights the tone of the wood in the room.

Another fairly neutral room - I guess in here the view from the window does the talking. I really like the interesting pieces in this space though - the mixture of old chairs and then the brilliant pendant and old mirror work fantastically well.

Give me wooden worktops and glossy cupboards any day! I really like the fact that the owners have gone to town with the lovely warm olive colour behind the shelves - it shows off their vintage crockery really well.

Although there is a slightly different style in this bedroom, I love the homely feel of the vintage mirrors and the mismatched floral prints on the bed - pretty!

All images from here.

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