24 January 2012

Our black hole.

When I say that we need to tidy up the back room before Torin can move into it, this is what I'm talking about:


We made some more progress this weekend - I threw away two bags of recycling and one bag of general rubbish. We've got tonnes of stuff to go to charity too, so I need to find a little time to take that to a shop soon!

We're still ploughing through our piles of books - managing to give some away to friends and colleagues, and selling the rest on Ebay (which is time-consuming in itself!).

I guess we'll get there eventually - now Astrid's here I really want her to have her own space in our house, even though she'll be in our room for a while longer. Mind you, David and I noticed last night that she's only got a little bit of room left in the crib - she seems to be quite long!

Hopefully before too long I'll have a lovely "after" picture to accompany this "before" one, but we've got a lot of work to do as you can see!

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