6 February 2012

Winter de-cluttering.

The big clear up of the back room continued this weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon clearing the room of a lot of junk and paperwork, and moved the existing furniture around a little. I won't post any progress pictures as there's still a long way to go, but will hopefully soon be able to put up some pictures where you can actually see it looks like a bedroom! I went to the dump on Sunday and threw away: 

  • two massive picture frames
  • an old canvas that I'd covered in fabric
  • a dinner tray that you can use in bed (we used to have our TV on it!)
  • an old IKEA stool that we used to use as a bedside table
  • three laptop bags
  • a suitcase
  • three bags of paper
  • two bags of other rubbish

We then posted ten books for sale on Ebay and, there's still more to go!

Tonight someone's meant to be coming to my house to buy one of our IKEA Helmer filing cabinets. 

Image from here.

The other one is now David's bedside table (because we threw away the old stool). He  rather likes it, describing it as his "man drawers"!

I also posted an advert on Gumtree (similar to Craigslist) because I'm also selling an IKEA Ottava pendant light that I found in the cupboard in the back room - we bought it and never got round to putting it up.

Image from here.

Slowly, slowly we're getting there.

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