13 June 2011

Red is the colour . . .

IKEA is great for many things isn't it? When it comes to furniture, I like to mix it up a bit and have a blend of old and new - I don't really like it when people kit out their homes in IKEA wholesale!

However, sometimes when it comes to little bits and bobs like kitchen storage or picture frames, for me, there tends to be limited competition.  I forgot to mention the other day that while I was at IKEA buying this storage for Torin's toys, I picked up the LĂ…GIS mouse mat - it only cost 40p!

Here it is on our desk in the dining room (yes, there are still splotches of tester paint on the wall in here - really need to get the painting finished, but probably shouldn't be climbing ladders are the moment!):

It's red, so it goes well with the other red accents in the dining and living rooms, and it's plain, so it helps to keep the surface of the desk looking (relatively) uncluttered. So, the great hunt for a new mousemat that I wrote about here, is complete. Job done.

PS. I don't think I've mentioned before how much I love the international keyboard viewer we have on our Mac - I can never remember the keyboard shortcuts for accents, and I can't work out how to insert symbols on blogger (is this possible?) so the keyboard viewer is brilliant. When I needed the accent for the name of the IKEA mousemat in this post, I simply chose to have a Swedish keyboard and the computer showed me which key I needed to press on the British keyboard in order to get my chosen accent - simple!
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