2 March 2011

In need of a new mousemat.

Yesterday, David and I re-arranged our living room and dining room (pictures to come soon), and my desk is now in a much more prominent position in the dining room - it was in the dining room in the alcove under our stairs and it's now infront of the chimney breast. We much prefer it in its new home, and it'll hopefully make sure that it doesn't accumulate piles of paperwork and general junk anymore. With such a clear desk however, it has become clear that we need a new mousemat.

This is our very tatty mousemat:

I know it's not awful, but one a little more in-keeping with the room (and in-keeping with how I want the room to eventually look in my imagination) would be so much better.

Here are a few of some of the best mousemats I've found so far:

"Grey martini" from tinyshoppe.

"Owl" by Eleanor Grosch at mirrorgirl.

"Unikko" mouse mat at Marimekko.

I really like the subtle colour of "Grey martini", but I think the Marimekko one has the edge for me - funky! Which is your favourite?

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