18 March 2011

Can't stop looking at . . .

Although it's been a little cold and drizzly here today, it really feels that Spring is just around the corner. Daffodils are everywhere; crocuses in our local park are almost finished and being replaced with sweet smelling Hyacinths. 

I get to this point every year and begin to think that this is the year for our garden - it really needs sorting out. Since we've lived here, David and I, with A LOT of help from family, have done quite a bit of work on it, but there's still a lot to do - it looks very rough around the edges (and in the middle, if I'm honest).

I'm sure this smart willow planter from Garden Trading would help to make it look better:

At £70, it's not cheap, but it looks like it would weather well. How beautiful is the outside of this house? Sigh!

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