21 March 2011

My home: an introduction.

In this mini-series, I'm going to share a selection of my favourite things from each room in our house. Hopefully these posts will provide you with a little insight into my style, and give you a peek into what our house is like.

Torin's room

As promised on Friday, here are some pictures from Torin's room. I think his is my favourite room in our house - it feels better than the others because we were able to start almost from scratch with it - before he was born we had it completely re-plastered and painted everything properly - even the skirting boards!

There are many things that I like in his room, and we received so many lovely gifts since he was born, that it's quite difficult to choose just a few items to show you. However, I did manage to narrow it down to three things in the end:

Patchwork quilt

My parents' next door neighbour made this beautiful quilt for Torin when he was born. My parents have lived in the same house since before I was born, so we're all very close to our neighbours and I cried when I opened this gift - it must have taken her ages, as it has been made so neatly.

Peg line display

I saw this idea somewhere on flickr a few months before Torin was born and decided it would be a great way to display cards from his birth, birthdays, flashcards and other pictures, and eventually his own drawings and paintings. I used the DIGNITET curtain wire from IKEA and I use simple wooden pegs to hold the pictures in place.

I also love these vintage style flashcards that were bought for Torin by David's mum - she got them from The Natural History Museum, but I think they are out of stock at the moment.

Storage bag

I bought 2 of these lovely storage bags to contain all of Torin's old clothes. Our attic isn't yet boarded out (another job on the long long list), and we don't have anywhere else to store them, so they have to stay in his room. These bags are great - they are so roomy and I've so far managed to fit all of Torin's old clothes into 2 of them (he's 22 months old now).

I bought mine from the gift shop at Chapter Arts Centre, but I've also seen them here.


Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Beautiful patchwork - what a treasured gift. And we have that wire too - it's brilliant for all their revolving art displays. Tobin is lucky to be have such a sweet nest!

beautiful square feet said...

Thanks! It'll be great when Torin's older and can put up what he wants on there.

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