17 March 2011

A gallery of children's rooms.

It's children city among our friends here in Cardiff at the moment - so many of our friends now have children, are pregnant or are trying for a baby. It seems like a good time then, to show you a quick round up of some of my favourite nurseries and rooms for small children.

Perhaps a room for very well behaved children? What an innovative use of space from Marian of The Bumper Crop.

Image and full feature from here.

A Danish vintage and handmade treasure trove for 3 year old Indigo Skye:

Image from here.

A calming and relaxing atmosphere created in a tiny space, for a boy or a girl:

Image from here.

This cosy space is beautiful - I love the harmony of the pinks and yellows.

Image found here.

It's back to nature in Carla's room, with a sneaky Eames rocker thrown in for good measure!

Image found here.

A lovely assortment of rooms - I hope you'll agree. I promise I'll post some pictures of Torin's room soon too - it's his room's turn to be featured in My home: an introduction, which I'll be posting on Monday.


Unknown said...

I wish I had a room as nice as these. And I would love an Eames rocking chair, I just need to find somewhere to put it.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and I am loving your blog! The wedding card pure genius!


beautiful square feet said...

I'd love an Eames rocker too. Actually an Eames anything really! Thanks for the kind words about the wedding card!

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