18 February 2013

Lovely new curtains in the living room.

On Saturday, David really helped me out by taking the children into town for the afternoon. With a quiet empty house, I sang along to First Aid Kit (loudly) - a very welcome Valentine's gift from David, that I'm really enjoying listening to (have you heard of them?), made myself a quick lunch, and then set about putting up our new curtains in the living room!

My mum (who is a complete star, and very talented) made the curtains for me for my big birthday last year. Thanks mum, I absolutely love them - I keep wandering into the room, just for another look!

They really add a warmth to the room, and help to make the space feel more "grown up". It felt really good to take down the cheap, faded IKEA curtains that were hanging there. 

Here's more of a close up shot - I chose the fabric (from Dunelm Mill) for a few reasons - I thought the cream background would really lighten up the room and the green matched the colour on the walls, but wasn't too samey. Also, the leaf motif is embroidered onto the plain background fabric, which is the same as the flowers on the cushions.

The new curtains have really refreshed the living room, and I can't wait for mum to finish the curtain that is going to hang at the door in the dining room area. When that's done, the rooms will pretty much be complete!

What do you think? Do you like them?

Also, I'd just like to say hi to my three newest followers - welcome Daisy of Lazy Daisy Jones, Sophie of Fading Grace and Hettie Brown, and Jenny of The Custards. Thank you for following me!

1 comment:

Dawn M said...

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, you must be so pleased.

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