8 August 2012

Going dotty?

I've realised lately that dots are popping up all over the place in my house. You may remember there's the taupe coloured  Kidstonesque tablecloth from Dunelm Mill that covers the high-chair cushions and the dining-room table:

We have some pretty and useful red and white polka dot tins in the kitchen that usually contain cookie cutters and Torin's treats. Do you also like the tiffin box my friends gave me for my birthday - lovely bright colours don't you think?

I also have this dotty baby changing bag that usually sits over the buggy handles in our living room (sigh) and I've also bought a length of this fabric to make a curtain to change a bookcase into a wardrobe in Astrid's bedroom.

My latest acquisition however, is this red spotty cover for my iPad. It was a birthday present from my grandmother and I love it. It's really well padded and as it's red, it sits really well in our living room when I'm not using it.

Other dotty things that have caught my eye lately are these cute pegs - a good way to make a mundane task more interesting!

Image from here.

And these amazing floor tiles - these would look so so good in our bathroom. At that price though, never gonna happen!

Image from here.

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