15 August 2012

Essential bathroom maintenance.

Sometimes essential DIY is so boring, don't you think? Give me a good feature wall to paint any day - making big, obvious changes is my kind of work. That's why today has been great for me - David has been sorting things out in our bathroom. Being a downstairs bathroom, it's not the warmest room in the house, and can therefore get a little damp. Even though I try to keep things spick and span in there, evil little mould spores still find their way in from time to time. The worst place is around the bath, and that's what David began to tackle today. 

We've tried to use sealant to form a watertight seal around the bath several times, but due to the monumental botch job left to us by the previous owner, the walls are so wonky that water still gets through. So, we had to come up with a (cheap) plan. We decided that a good solution, and one that would sit well with the history of our house, was to use edging tiles around the top of the bath. These would sit on top of sealant and then hopefully the grout and subsequent sealant would keep the water out, and we'd be left with a neat looking bath.

Here's how he got on today . . .

The little tiles help to make the bath look more solid, and as though it's always been there, rather than plonked in by a man who was trying to sell his retirement home bound mother's house quickly. We didn't have to look too far for somewhere that stocked tiles of these sort either - our first trip, which was to B&Q was fruitless, but we found this really useful kit in Topps Tiles.

Image from here.

This set is great for inexperienced DIYers as it contains enough tiles to do one long and two short sides of a bath, there are two end tiles that taper off at the edge to help the finished job look neat, and there are four tiles with mitred edges for the corners - hardly any cutting involved, perfect!

The only problem now is that the shiny new grout and sealant is showing up our previous efforts on the other tiles. Now, where did I put that white grout pen . . .?

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