8 March 2012

30 Things I Love.

This week has been all about organising. It's funny, doing official things for my children makes me feel suddenly very grown up. I've been sorting out the nursery Torin will be going to in September - here children are entitled to a free nursery place in the term after their third birthday. It's one of those decisions that carries a lot of responsibility, but I guess it's not as bad as choosing which school he'll go to - that'll come around next year! The other thing I've been doing is sorting out the family meals. David's been brilliant and cooked lunch and dinner for us all for ages now (especially since I was heavily pregnant with Astrid) and this week I felt like it was time I tried to do it myself. In order to keep our budget and my mind in check (so I didn't have to think too much - I still have a little baby brain going on!) I found a great meal planner online and have been following that.

Speaking of feeling grown up, I turn 30 this year, so I thought I'd do a few features on here to celebrate. The first of these projects is 30 Things I Love. I really enjoyed the mini-series I did as an introduction to my house and in some rooms I struggled to choose just one or two things to feature. Therefore I thought I'd take advantage of the 30 theme and show you a few more things from around our house. I'll be focusing on items that either mean a lot to me, or that have an interesting history.

30 Things I Love: 1

Torin's train cushion.

This cute train cushion sits on the end of Torin's bed. David bought it from Laura Ashley in Harrogate while we were there with David's brother and his wife. I think it's such a sweet cushion for a child's room as it looks homemade with the visible stitching and the gingham fabric. It's special to me as we bought it before Torin was born and David chose it by himself - that may sound a bit odd, but most of the design for Torin's nursery came from me, so it's lovely that Torin's got something in there that his daddy chose for him.

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