11 January 2012

Out and about.

Yesterday I was very brave and ventured out of the house with Torin and Astrid by myself! I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I'd been building it up as something that was going to be both difficult and scary. In reality of course, it was neither. Sure, it look a while for us to leave the house - first I had to get Astrid into her snowsuit and then into the buggy, then get my coat and shoes on, then I had to catch Torin, but, once we were out of the house and on our way, we were fine.

We walked to our friends' house for a post-Christmas catch-up - David's mum bought us a buggy board, which Torin really enjoys using, so zipping around with the two of them is actually quite easy and fun for Torin (as long as he remembers to hold on!).

When we arrived at the house, I was reminded of a scene from Absolutely Fabulous - I tried to find a clip of it, but wasn't able to, sorry. I don't know if you're familiar with it, but it's the bit where Eddie has invited her "minimalist" friends over and when they arrive at her house, she runs around shouting, "It's Bettina and Max! Clear, clear, clear!" The pay off is that when Bettina and Max arrive, they bring their baby, and they arrive armed with equipment that then splays out all over the kitchen surfaces in an explosion of bottles and nappies. 

My friend has a 17 week old herself, so her beautifully decorated living room had baby equipment in it too, but when the three of us arrived - me red-faced from the cold and the walk, struggling to get the buggy and buggy board through her front door and then covering her living room floor with all of our stuff including Torin's potty, I felt like my friend probably thought to herself, "Why on earth did I invite this chaos into my house?" Not that she would ever actually think that, she's lovely.

Anyway, we had a lovely afternoon chatting, drinking tea and playing with the babies, and then I managed to get all three of us and all of our equipment home again!

Changing nappies out and about these days is made more enjoyable by the fact that my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law clubbed together when Astrid was born and treated me to this lovely Cath Kidston nappy bag. 

Image from here.

Perhaps one day I'll be a yummy mummy, but for now, having a posh bag will have to do!

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