12 January 2012

In a grey mood.

I finally got too annoyed with the paint swatches that I put on our bathroom wall ages ago. I had chosen three Dulux paints in various shades of grey, and only one of them actually seemed to look like the colour on the card. Therefore, the decision of which paint I actually wanted has still not been made. Anyway, yesterday I picked up a paintbrush and painted over them in the existing colour of the bathroom, just to get rid of them.

Just to remind you, this is the current colour of our bathroom - it's Mineral Haze 4 by Dulux:

I remember when I was having it mixed, the guy in the shop asked if I was sure I wanted this colour as it just looked white to him. At the time I just wanted a tiny hint of colour in there, as I was going for a very neutral look in the whole house. 

Now I'm a bit braver, I want something a little stronger, but as we will have to work with the existing tiles and suite in there, it'll have to be a colour that goes well. I still think a grey would be the best colour to go with, and recently a lot of pictures that have caught my eye have turned out to be walls painted in Farrow and Ball's Pavilion Gray.

However, when I looked at the colour on their website, it seemed quite brown to me - what do you think? Have any of you used this colour?

Image from here.

I think I might just go back to the Dulux website and order a few more grey testers. I think my first choice will be to see what the darker shades of Mineral Haze look like, as I do like the colour I have, but you can only really see that it isn't white when you look at the space where the walls meet the white ceiling.

In this picture, the left wall is painted in Mineral Haze 3, and the right wall is Mineral Haze 2.

Image from here.

Any other suggestions? Do you have any greys that you have used and liked?

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Anonymous said...

The Grey Steel range 1 to 4 is a very nice warm grey that i have used throughout my house. This is Dulux range which has to be mixed. Greys that are warm are brownish based and cold ones have a blueish tint

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