5 January 2012

Hearts and apples.

Do you like my new oven gloves?

They were a Christmas present from my grandmother - she clearly has good taste!

I really like the Orla-like retro pattern and the colours obviously match the ground floor of my house perfectly (red and green seem to be rapidly seeping from our living room and dining room into our kitchen at the moment)!

They're made by Typhoon too, so should last for a good while!

This year, my Christmas list seemed to consist of almost entirely very practical things that we absolutely needed (tea-towels, socks etc.) so it is great that these oven gloves are practical but very stylish!

Do you have something that's very practical, but also pretty?


Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Hello and Happy New Year! I'm hankering after new pie dishes and I do love pretty mixing bowls. But I have a funky bright yellow kettle!

beautiful square feet said...

Ooh - I bet that kettle makes you feel cheery in the morning! My grandma gave me a Mason Cash mixing bowl last Christmas - it's not really very pretty but it's very cool!

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