6 January 2012

Can't stop looking at . . .

Each week, I'll be sharing with you something that has caught my eye. It may be a picture, blog, product or website.

My grandmother bought a really sweet vest for Astrid this Christmas; it's a little too big for her at the moment, or I would have put a picture of her wearing it on here. She bought it from a shop called The Oak Room, which can be found in the grounds of Hatfield House, Herfordshire. The vest came in a wonderful bag that was made from old newspaper, and had a promotional postcard for the shop inside. I was so impressed with the bag, and the pictures on the postcard that I took a look at their website.

What I found at The Oak Room, was a collection of lovely products for the home, as well as seasonal and celebration gifts, and a lot of stationery. I naturally went to the Home and Garden section first and found some unusual objects such as this Garden Rake Hook:

and this Russian Doll Ceramic Money Box (I'd love to get one of these for Astrid!):

One area of the shop I especially liked was the Haberdashery and Craft section, where I found this Live, Laugh, Love Paper Tape:

and these super cute little Chick Buttons, that can also be used as beads:

All images from here.

The website is described as "an edited version of our beautiful shop", and certainly, there are products that feature on the promotional postcard that I couldn't find on the website, but it's well worth a look at their website, and I'll definitely be paying a visit to their shop if I ever go to Hatfield House.

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Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

This is really close to my parents house and it's a FAB shop and the owner is lovely too. Hatfield House garden is also great for children and you can take a horse and trap around the grounds...hope you're well and having a great new year!

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