13 October 2011

A busy week!

So far this week has really flown by. It's been a jumble of potty training, general tidying and lots of organising. 

The potty training is going well, still some accidents - ended up pouring wee out of one of Torin's wellies tonight (!), but he's really very good now.

I do seem to spend a large proportion of my life putting things back at the moment. By this I mean trying to put items away in our house - Torin's favourite thing at the moment is to empty things - cupboards, drawers, plastic containers etc. and always in their entirety! This really is fine, and just part of general day to day play, but it's quite hard for me now as I'm getting more and more tired (35 weeks now!). The other problem is that there just always seems to be a lot of stuff everywhere in our house. In our quest to sort out and blitz before our new arrival, we do seem to end up with piles of things everywhere, and it is these that Torin likes to pull apart and re-arrange, and it these that catch my eye and irritate me as I walk into or through a room!

On a more positive note though, things are moving along nicely with our hallway and landing. I've got a man coming round in the morning to give us a quote for changing these tiles in our hallway:

It's not really an essential job, although I can never seem to get them completely clean, and they were laid really badly before we moved in. However, I felt that as we were having so much work done in this area anyway, that we may as well change the tiles to something a little better. 

We have these tiles in our kitchen and bathroom, so the plan is for the cream tiles to be replaced with the same slate-effect ones that we have in those two rooms.

Sorry, I know this really isn't a great picture of them, but you can see that they are dark.

Lastly, it's David's birthday on Sunday and his birthday present arrived yesterday. I can't tell you what it is yet as he will probably read this, but I can give you these clues - it's from The Conran Shop although it doesn't bear their label; it's a little bit cream, a little bit chrome, a little bit red and has won loads of awards this year; it's based on a design classic and is set to become a future classic in its own right. Any ideas - can you guess what it is? I'm very excited about it, I just really hope that he'll love it. I'll show you what it is on Monday!

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