16 August 2011

Torin's bed has arrived!

I'm very excited today because Torin's bed was delivered! I wrote about it here - it's the single Hastings bed from Marks and Spencer. I chose to get it from there because I knew that it would be good quality, and that things should be less likely to go wrong with its delivery as Marks and Spencer pride themselves so much on their good name. I'm pleased to say that they didn't disappoint - they contacted me when they said they would, gave me a delivery slot of two hours, and even called prior to arriving to say that they were 45 minutes away.

When the bed arrived, the two delivery men took the bed up to Torin's room and built it for us - it took them less than fifteen minutes and they did a really good job - it feels really sturdy. And the best part? All of this was included in the price of the bed! No delivery charge, and no installation charge!

Here's the bed in Torin's room:

I hope this pic doesn't make the bed look too orangey. It's actually a lovely warm golden stain rather than orange pine!

We haven't yet got a mattress for it, as in the reviews of the bed on the M&S website two people had advised to buy a deep mattress to go with this bed - can you see that the slats actually sit quite deeply within the bed frame? I wanted to see the bed for myself before I made a decision on which mattress to buy, and now that I've seen exactly how deep the bed is, I will be following their advice and looking for a deep mattress.

Torin will go into this bed as soon as we've ordered a mattress and it arrives, but the bed's only staying here temporarily, as Torin will be moving into the back bedroom when his little sibling arrives (exciting news on this coming tomorrow!).

In other news . . .

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Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Awwww, thanks for our thanks! The bed looks lovely for Torin. How are you with bump - I can see you're doing a great job of getting things in order with T beforehand.

beautiful square feet said...

I'm fine thanks! A little tired, but getting there - 27 weeks now! Gradually getting things sorted in preparation for her(!) arrival in November (currently selling LOTS of books on ebay to make room), but think I'm quite resigned to the fact that not everything is going to be perfectly done before she gets here!

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