25 July 2011

A big bed for a little boy.

I mentioned here that I have been thinking a lot about which bed to get Torin, as he's reaching the stage where he really should be in a bigger bed. Well, after a lot of browsing the internet and several visits to various shops, I've finally decided on the one. In fact, I've ordered it and it should be arriving in mid-August!

It's the Hastings single bed from Marks and Spencer:

I think this picture is actually of the double version of the bed.

Here's the bed laid bare so you can see all of the headboard (again, I think it's the double):

Images from here.

I chose this bed as it is pretty timeless, good quality (it's not just any bed . . . etc.) and it was in the sale with a 20% discount - not bad! It's also a full-sized adult single bed, so it will hopefully last him until he's an adult.

Our plan at the moment is to keep Torin in his room for the time being and get the M and S delivery people to assemble the bed in there - I was really impressed with this service - there's no deliver charge, and installation and assembly is included in the price of the bed! They even take away all their rubbish with them!

Now all we have to do is find a mattress, and then figure out a way of keeping him in it all night!

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