23 June 2011

A space on a hill in Bristol

Yesterday I ventured to Bristol with Torin and David as David was doing some fieldwork in a school there, and I wanted to go and look for a bed for Torin. The bed I'd seen was the single Oundle bed from ASPACE and, having only seen it in their catalogue and online, I wanted to see it in the flesh. 

Before we left Cardiff I checked where the shop was, and the directions told me it was on Whiteladies Road, which, I thought to myself, was good because I knew where that road was. For those of you who are local, David's office is in Clifton, so I knew the road I needed was nearby. What I had forgotten however, that most of Whiteladies Road is on a steep hill! Eventually, after much puffing and panting (I was pushing Torin in the buggy; it was hot; I'm pregnant etc.) I found where the shop was and stopped outside to have some water and compose myself a little before I went in.

This is the bed I went to see:

Oundle bed in antique stain, available here.

Oundle bed in matt white finish, available here.

Luckily, they had this bed on display in the shop in the white finish, so I was able to see the dimensions of the bed were like, inspect the slats (my dad said this was important!), and get a general feel of the quality. Although the single bed was only on display in the white finish, they had a double bed on display in the dark antique stain that I like.

Overall, the bed seemed pretty good quality, although it was a little scuffed from being on display, and I was pleased with the colour of the dark antique stain. It's also very reasonably priced compared to a lot of other places - it retails for £199 and ASPACE often have 10% off everything sales. I realise that there are cheaper places (like IKEA for example), but ideally I really want this bed to last him into his teens (this is also the reason we're looking for a full sized single bed rather than a toddler bed), so I really want a bed that is good quality, and that will hopefully last. I believe that the Oundle bed is one of ASPACE's best sellers, and I have read some good reviews of it - do any of you know of it already?

I think if we do decide on this bed, that we'll get it in the dark antique stain. I have changed my mind on this however, as I was very drawn to the matt white finish initially. My parents suggested that it would perhaps a little feminine and childish for a teenage boy though - and I think they might be right - what do you think?

I need to go and look at a lot of other places before we actually buy a bed for Torin, but at the moment, based on its aesthetics, quality and the price, this is the front runner.

Where did you go to buy beds for your children?


Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Wow, you were right round the corner from my house. You should have e-mailed me - I would have invited you in for a cup of tea and a rest! Or at least met for a tea in one of the cafes! Looks like a lovely choice for Tobin and I prefer Aspace to Feather and Black next door. I'm looking into triple bunks at the moment, which is a whole new world of pain!

beautiful square feet said...

Oh no - didn't realise! Next time that'd be lovely - will let you know next time we head over your way! I was tempted by Feather and Black but didn't really have time to go in there, so briefly looked through the window at the pretty fabric storage bags. Triple bunks eh? As in a double on the bottom and a single on top? Good luck in your search - can imagine there must be a more limited choice out there.

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Yes you must! And triple as in three single all on top of each other (we have high ceilings luckily). There is a photo of one shown on Kerry's lovely blog The Seventy Tree

beautiful square feet said...

Wow! Just took a look at those bunks and they look very cool and really high!! Such a good way of saving space though! How high do you reckon your ceilings would have to be to do that?

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Mmmm, not sure but ours are really high in the childrens room (makes changing lightbulbs a nightmare). I'm going to design them myself and get a carpenter to make them. I don't want them too high as Z is only 4 still (5 in August though).

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