9 June 2011

No more runaway trains!

Just a quick update on the toy storage situation . . .

I popped back to IKEA today and bought a larger SAMLA storage box to house Torin's wooden train set. It fits in perfectly and there is still some room left for possible expansion, so I'm happy. Torin had a great time throwing in the pieces of track once we'd finished playing with it earlier - long may this continue!

This is where the three boxes live at the moment:

Yep, that's right - in our living room down the side of the sofa! Not ideal, but he does play with the things inside them every day at the moment. I really must though, find something prettier to put these boxes in so they are a little more hidden. Having said that, it is just great that the things inside them are tidied away, as since his birthday the Playdough and pens have been out on one of the shelves in the dining room, and the train set was in a different box with his cars, which was completely overflowing. It's a good compromise . . . for now.

PS. I love that Rufus' tail is in this shot - he wouldn't move!

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