17 June 2011

Can't stop looking at . . .

Each week, I'll be sharing with you something that has caught my eye. It may be a picture, blog, product or website.

So I guess soon I'll need to turn my attention to the back room of our house, as we'll be turning it into Torin's room. The new baby will have the room that Torin is currently in as it is next to our bedroom, and most things in it will probably remain the same. I think we'll move the wardrobe and chest of drawers into Torin's new room, so we will need a few new bits, but even if we were keeping everything the same, I'd like to change a few things just to ring the changes! Still don't know what we're having by the way, (we should find out in early July) and I guess this may have some influence on what we do in the nursery, but most of the room is neutral anyway, so we shouldn't need to do too much.

However, I'll still be enjoying looking around for inspiration for both the nursery for the new baby, and for Torin's room. When I was planning Torin's nursery, Odeedoh was such a useful resource, especially the nursery tours - I'll definitely be going back there for ideas! Speaking of Odeedoh, I saw Lula's nursery on there the other day, and I love it! Just the right mix of old and new combined with a sophisticated colour scheme.

Images from here - make sure you take a look at the other pictures of the room - lovely!

One of my favourite things about the room, apart from the fantastic mirror(!) are the letters making up Lula's name on the wall above the nursing chair. It has become quite commonplace to see children's names on their bedroom walls, but the way that Lula's mum Sophie has chosen letters in different styles is a really fresh take on the idea, and something that I'd love to replicate for both of my children.

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