6 May 2011

Make do and mend: bubble theme party invitations.

I mentioned here that Torin turns 2 next weekend! That leaves me with a week to sort out his party. We're just inviting family and close friends, so there's not too much pressure, but I do want to make it a special event for him. I've decided on a bubble theme as he loves blowing bubbles at the moment, and yesterday I made his invitations - yes, leaving it a little late I know, but all of the guests have already confirmed that they are coming anyway.

Here's the finished article - what do you think?

As I was making them all by hand, I wanted to keep the invitations simple, but personal and indicative of the bubble theme. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out!

Here's how I made them:

Using cream card stock (the same size as the invitation), I drew around a jar lid with a blue coloured pencil. This formed the outline of the bubble.

Using the same coloured pencil, I then created a thicker outline around the edge of the bubble and drew the wobbly shape that formed the patch of reflected light (to make it actually look like a bubble!). 

Again, with the same pencil I then lightly shaded around the inside of the thick outline of the bubble, and around the edge of the wobbly shape.

I then wrote "Torin is Two" onto the invitation using a free font that I had copied from the internet (available here).

I attached the bubble to the front of the invitation using little sticky pads. I find it really helpful to use tweezers when applying the pads, as they are more precise than my fingers!

Each invitation took about 20 minutes to make, so I'm glad Torin's not having loads of guests! Having said that though, I did enjoy making them, and I'll probably base Torin's birthday card on the same design.

I'm still working on the ideas for decorations and food, but I will share those details with you when I've sorted everything out!

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