27 April 2011

When is camping not camping?

When it's Glamping!

Glamorous camping! It really makes me chuckle when new words like this are invented - others I've appreciated recently are chiconomy, Scandi chic and fauxdenza (thanks Anna of Door Sixteen)!

For a few years, when we were children, my family went Eurocamping, which was I guess a pretty comfortable way of sleeping in a tent - camp beds and bedding, a fridge (containing complimentary stubbies and bottles of Coke - very exciting if you are 10!) and cooking equipment were provided for us. It definitely didn't qualify as "roughing it"; however, I wouldn't really say it was glamorous. The comfort of the big red Eurocamp tents don't come close to some of the canvas palaces I've seen recently. 

Ian Belcher in the recently pubished "Guardian Guide to Camping" (free with the Guardian on Saturday 16th April), declares, "Glamping is not camping" and that "increasingly exotic luxury camping with its scatter cushions, wood-burning stoves and vintage flourishes are all very well . . . but you're just a tentpeg short of a hotel." So he asks "Why bother?" What he says is perhaps fair enough, but I certainly wouldn't quibble if someone invited me to stay in one of these examples of camping luxury:

Image from here.

Image from here.

Image from here.

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