29 March 2011

Scribbled pears save the day!

You may remember that I wrote here that I'd wrecked my Emma Bridgwater shopping bag and have been looking for a replacement . . . well, David found this in Tesco the other day!

Image from here.

I'd read that these bags were going to be produced in the January/February edition of the Tesco magazine but was convinced that I'd missed out - I've been looking for one for a while now to no avail. So, I was so excited when David returned from mysteriously walking away from us at the checkout with one in his hand! Not sure the guy on the till quite understood my glee as I ripped the price tag off it and began filling it with groceries (no red wine this time!).

I'm really pleased with it - it's really sturdy, looks great and best of all 50p from each sale goes to CLIC Sargent and the Royal College of Art.

EDIT: Stupidly forgot to point out yesterday that the bag was designed by Orla Kiely! That's why I was so excited to find one!

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